Hey Y’all!

I have officially completed two full months of style blogging (November ’17 and December ’17) and 2018 is coming on strong! I feel like every year goes by faster and faster! Having a fashion blog as always been a dream of mine, or as our good friend would put it an “air castle”. It was something my mom and I always talked about doing, but never had the guts to step out and try it – until now!

2017 brought so many firsts for me, and was probably my best year yet! I gained confidence to do what makes me the most happy, and pursue my dreams. Just a few highlights of the year are below!

Orla Kate – so if you haven’t been following my blog for a long time, or you don’t know me personally, you likely haven’t heard of this little princess. Orla Kate is my precious Brittany Spaniel Puppy that was my Christmas gift from S last year, and we brought her home on January 8th. She is undoubtedly the best part of our home, she brings both of us so much joy! I always thought people that were like “weirdly obsessed” with their dogs were crazy, until I got a dog! She is actually sitting in my lap as I am writing this! 

S and I got engaged! This is always such an exciting time in any girl’s life! My favorite part about this season of our life, aside from getting to marry the man I love more than life, is all of the outpouring of love you get from family and friends. Maybe it is just me, but the excitement of a new marriage seems to bring the love back into other peoples lives and relationships – and this is something that makes me so giddy! If our love can bring that joy, happiness, and love back into just one persons life, I feel like I have done a great job at loving!

Started my Blog – last but most certainly not least (these are in chronological order, not order of importance) I left my full time, and then some, job and was ready to pursue a career that allowed me to be creative, and have a schedule that was flexible for the season of my life that I am currently in. While I will always love the medical field, and have a passion for helping others, and love plastic surgery (where I came from) I truly believe that it was time for me to make a big change and I am so happy that I took the opportunity to start being a style influencer when I did! 


What I have planned for 2018

My biggest goal for 2018 is to create organic content for my readers and followers, and ensure that the content I am creating is in some way applies to your life. I want to give you outfit inspiration that allows you to pick pieces from your closet and pair them in ways that you may not have thought to pair them, or to find a great piece at an even better price point!

My next goal is to diligently work at blogging, and hold myself to the highest standards. This is more of a personal goal, to not accept all collaborations that I am presented with just because they are willing to pay me. I will always post products and items that I actually use, and that I believe truly work and will help you in your every day life. While yes it is a business, it will be a business with an honest and transparent forefront!

My last goal for 2018 is to start BBG and get my lil bootie in shape before my wedding at the end of July! I plan to include y’all every step of the way. BBG is a 12 week program, so that means I am going to be doing it twice before my big day! Stay updated with this in my stories on instagram! www.instagram.com/delaneyychristine




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